Chili Guidelines

Welcome to the fun of cooking competition chili!  These guidelines are designed to provide helpful hints as you enter the world of
competitive cooking and are for FREESTYLE entries only.


1.        Cooking stove and fuel- “Coleman-type” propane or white gas.
2.        Cooking pot, cutting board, knife, water, cooler (for meat), paper towels, spoons, can opener and matches.
3.        Meat (hand cut or chili grind), spices and other ingredients for chili.
4.        Table and chairs for cooking and sitting. 10x10 EZ UP fire retardant tent.
5.        Minimum of 2 gallons chili for public tasting.


Competition chili is blind judged on the following five criteria:

1.        AROMA- Chili should smell appetizing.
2.        CONSISTENCY- Chili should be a smooth combination of meat and gravy.
3.        RED COLOR- Chili should look appetizing.
4.        TASTE- Chili should taste good.
5.        AFTERTASTE- Chili should leave a pleasant taste after swallowing.


1.        Only one judging cup per chili pot can be turned in for judging.

2.        CHILI MUST:
a.        Be cooked on site the day of the cook-off.
b.        Be prepared from scratch (no commercial chili mixes)
c.        Be prepared in as sanitary a manner as possible.
1)        You must be willing to taste your own chili.
2)        Cooking conditions are subject to inspection.
d.        Be prepared in the open (no motor homes, closed tents, etc.)

3. Cooks must sign removable part of the ticket in ink when they receive their judging cups and must not tamper with or mark the judging cup they receive.
The head cook is responsible for safeguarding the judging cup and matching ticket.  (A matching signed ticket must be presented to claim a winning chili).

4. Each head cook must bring his/her judging cup ¾ full to a designated place at a set judging time.

Contestants who fail to comply with these rules will be disqualified from the competition.
7th Annual Big Galute Chili Cook-off

Benefiting the Archdale-Trinity Serco Club

September 16, 2017