What is Junior SerCo ?
Junior SerCo is a way for our youth to become involved within our community in a productive way. It provides an opportunity to highlight the caring spirit the young
adults in our area have for others and fosters the development of what will hopefully be a lifelong commitment to giving back.
Whether it is assisting with SerCo fundraising activities, carrying out activities that help our community members that may be sick or elderly, participating in national
service days by suggesting projects created specifically by the club, or assisting with in-school programs whenever possible; the Junior SerCo wants to make doing
good fun!
Make friends, form connections, be involved and make a difference in your community and your life.
If you are interested in becoming a member in the Junior SerCo now please click here to send us a message. We'll let you know when the next meeting or event will
be taking place. See you there!
SerCo in School

We are working diligently to have the Junior SerCo as a recognized school club. We hope that in the coming year we can offer this to students at Archdale-Trinity
Middle School and Trinity and Wheatmore High Schools.
Participation is a way of not only helping others, but also helping yourself! Becoming involved can make the difference in your community and your college
applications! If you are an administrator or teacher at one of these schools, consider sponsoring SerCo and helping to provide your academic community a way of
having fun and fellowship while giving "Service to the Community".
Junior SerCo